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"Testosterone and energy levels are through the roof!"
- Matthijs van Doesburg, NL

With the dual power of 2 MAX units, this is the ultimate red light setup. Designed for those who want to fully optimise their health and chase ‘superhuman’ status, the MyLight MAXXED will take your performance to the next level.

✔️ Red + near-infrared light
✔️ Flicker free
✔️ Zero EMFs at treatment distance
✔️ Connect multiple devices with one power source

For high performers chasing greatness. Maximum results in minimal time.



Clinically proven to enhance your body's natural ability to heal, regenerate, and rejuvenate.

  • Increase cellular energy
  • Decrease pain/inflammation
  • Increase sleep quality
  • Speed up recovery

General treatment
8-minute session at 8-20 inches away from your MyLight MAXXED.

If you want to create a protocol for a specific benefit you can use the Custom Protocol Builder (takes 30 seconds to fill out).

For best results you should use your MyLight MAXXED daily.

Power: 900W
Dimensions: 914x218x66mm
Weight: 6.7kg
Wavelengths: 630:660:850 (1:1:2)
108.07 mW/cm2 (6 inches)
91.7 mW/cm2 (8 inches)
88.27 mW/cm2 (12 inches)
74.34 mW/cm2 (20 inches)
39.37 mW/cm2 (40 inches)
30.51 mW/cm2 (60 inches)
Beam angle: 30 degrees
EMF: Zero at treatment distance
Daisy chain technology: Connect multiple devices
Flicker: Zero
Warranty: 10 years

  • MyLight MAX (x2)
  • Mobile Rack Stand
  • Power Cord (specific to your shipping address)
  • Daisy Chain (allows you to connect multiple devices with a single plug point)
  • Hanging Wires
  • Carabiner
  • Adjustable Ratchet
  • Door Hook
  • Protective Eyewear
  • User Manual
  • Lifetime Access: Red Light Therapy Learning Space Area

When will my order ship?
Dispatch time (USA): 1-3 business days.
Dispatch time (International): 2-4 business days.

What shipping method will my order be sent with?
All MyLight devices include FREE Express Shipping (2-4 business days in the USA, 4-7 business days internationally).

We're so confident that you'll love your red light therapy device that we're offering a 60-day money back guarantee on all our devices.

*Import duties and taxes for international shipments may be liable to be paid upon arrival in the destination country. This varies by country, and Mychondria encourages you to be aware of these potential costs before placing your order.

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FDA Class II

Medical Grade

All MyLight devices are FDA Class II medical devices and manufactured to the highest standards in our FDA-registered factory.


Risk Free Trial

We know that deciding to invest in your health and well-being is a big deal. That's why we want to make sure you feel completely confident in our products.

With our 60-day trial period, you have plenty of time to experience and truly feel the amazing benefits of red light therapy.


General treatment
8-minute session at 8-20 inches away from your MyLight MAX.

If you want to create a protocol for a specific benefit you can use the Custom Protocol Builder (takes 30 seconds to fill out).

For best results you should use your MyLight MAX daily.

Although red and NIR light have been proven beneficial for eye health, staring directly into any bright light can cause harm. In the case of discomfort, closing your eyes should be enough.

To find out which MyLight is best suited to your goals, simply take the Red Light Therapy Quiz.

While many red light therapy companies cut corners to make their devices cheaper, the truth is that these devices will not get the same results as is seen in the clinical studies.

The quality of a light therapy device is based on four main variables:

  1. Irradiance: This is a measure of the intensity coming from the light. A reputable company should give you these measurements at varying distances. If they don’t, chances are they’re hiding something.
  2. Wavelength: The wavelength relates to the specific color of light emitted. Not all colors of red or near-infrared give you benefits, so it's important that all the wavelengths from a red light therapy device fall between 600-700nm (red) and 800-900nm (near-infrared).
  3. nnEMF: Also known as non-native electromagnetic frequencies, these are the fields of radiation surrounding a man-made object. A high power device, such as those in the MyLight range, allows you to be further away from the device, protecting you from EMFs.
  4. Flicker: Flicker in light is the rapid, repeated change in brightness that comes from a change in voltage. Flicker may be associated with headaches and eye strain. House wiring uses alternating current (AC), which produces flicker. Our devices contain a driver to convert the AC to direct current (DC), thereby blocking any harmful flicker.

All MyLight devices are manufactured in our FDA-registered factory, ensuring the quality and results you'd expect from a true medical-grade device.

FREE Access To Our Red Light Therapy Learning Area

Every MyLight comes with lifetime access to the Red Light Therapy Learning Area.

You get immediate access so you'll know exactly what to do with your device by the time the postman knocks on your door.