Mela (Night Lens)

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Mela (Night Lens)
Mela (Night Lens)
Mela (Night Lens)
Mela (Night Lens)
Mela (Night Lens)
Mela (Night Lens)
Mela (Night Lens)
Mela (Night Lens)

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Sleep is free, right? 

Studies show that evening blue/green light, emitted from phones, laptopsTV screens, and overhead lighting can delay the release of the sleep hormone (melatonin) by up to 90 minutes—not a consequence you want just because you checked some emails before bed.

Subsequently the stress hormone (cortisol) rises, and you might start to feel anxious, wired and tense. There is even a correlation between increased cortisol and impaired brain function.

It is possible to prevent this from happening without avoiding all your devices though! Blue blockers are glasses with specific lens tints to block out the sleep-depriving wavelengths of light. 

By blocking the blue light entering your eyes, you are able to promote melatonin (sleep hormone) production after sunset.

Lucid Amber lens

Our Lucid amber lens was created to block 96% of blue light (400-500nm) and 70% of green light (500-550nm), WITHOUT hampering your vision. The perfect tool for improving your sleep quality, glasses with the amber lens can be worn any time before sunrise and after sunset.

    The Mela

    The Mela just oozes style, making it impossible to miss.

    Mela, a derivative from “melatonin”, is a frame for the person who wants to live life without limits.

    Mela Sizing Guide

    Sizing guide

    Our frames are created from acetate, a hypoallergenic plant-based compound made from renewable materials. The face is mouldable for that perfect fit, and is easy to clean. Lightweight and strong, these glasses are the healthiest accessory you’ll be wearing today.

    Each pair of Mychondria blue blocker glasses comes with a duster cloth and fabric pouch.

    Dos and Don’ts:

    • DO wear them if you’re using artificial light at night
    • DO wear them to protect your eyes from screens
    • DON’T wear them all day (you don’t want to be falling asleep at your desk!)
    • DON'T use them for driving at night

    NOTE: These glasses take 15-20 days to arrive after being dispatched, even when purchased in combination with a MyLight©, as they are shipped separately to our lights. 

    *Import duties and taxes for international shipments may be liable to be paid upon arrival in the destination country. This varies by country, and Mychondria encourages you to be aware of these potential costs before placing your order.