The Mychondria Difference

The Mychondria Difference

It's no secret that the red light therapy market is flooded with gimmick products.

Many companies will reference the results from scientific studies, but offer their customers products that are no match against the quality used in these studies.

This leaves people confused as to why they don't feel the benefits they should, and frustrated that they wasted their money on a fancy party light.

The Mychondria Difference

When we designed our MyLight devices, we asked ourselves,

“what’s better, a device that looks fancy, or one that delivers results?”

Instead of focussing on fancy 'bells and whistles' such as Bluetooth connectivity or various smartphone apps, we put our budget and design behind the key details needed to get results.

1 - Wavelengths of light
The MyLight devices only emit the wavelengths of light which are clinically proven to be effective, namely 630nm/660nm/850nm.

2 - Light intensity
An underpowered device will not deliver a high enough dose of light for any results. All MyLights emit between 86-108mW/cm2 at their closest treatment distances.

3 - Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
If a red light therapy device emits high levels of EMFs then it will cause oxidative stress to your cells receiving the light. This means your cells can't properly use the light energy and therefore limits the benefits you'll experience.

4 - Durability
What good is a cheap device if it breaks within a year of purchasing? All the MyLights are built with the most durable components, which is why they all come with a 10-year warranty.

5 - FDA cleared
All MyLight devices are FDA Class II medical devices and manufactured to the highest standards in our FDA-registered factory.

Your Experience

By prioritizing these essential features, we ensure that you'll receive the exceptional results expected with red light therapy.

With our MyLight devices, you can be confident that you are getting the essentials for an effective and reliable red light therapy experience.

What's more, we're so confident in our products ability to benefit you that our devices all come with a 60-day trial period. It is our responsibility to ensure that you're 100% satisfied with how your MyLight makes you feel.