About Us


Mychondria isn’t the first red light therapy company on the market.

When we started in 2018, there was already over 100 years of research proving the benefits of red light therapy.

The problem was that the devices being offered as home devices were nothing like those used in the scientific studies.

Red light therapy companies across the world were hiding behind the results in the research, only to enter into a price war to see who could be the cheapest.

This led to a lot of disappointed customers, who bought these devices thinking they would get all the benefits seen in studies, only to find out their money had been wasted on a poor quality product.

We knew something had to change.

We decided that when we were designing our devices, we wouldn’t cut any corners in the name of being cheap.

We sourced the highest quality lights, fine tuned to the optimal light frequencies.
We only used components which were designed to last, for years to come.
We ensured all possible negative effects, such as flicker and electrical fields, were removed from the treatment sessions.

The result is the premium devices you see in our MyLight range - all designed to give you the results you would expect from a medical grade device, without the medical price tag.

MyLight Image

Yes, as home devices, we could make them cheaper.

But if we did that, they’d be cheap.

They wouldn’t make you sleep as well at night.
They wouldn’t help your muscles recover as fast.
They wouldn’t give you as much energy.
They wouldn’t last as long as they do.

It’s safe to say.
MyLights will never be cheap.
And that’s a good thing.
Because you always get what you pay for.