What Do Health Coaches Have To Say About Red Light Therapy?

What Do Health Coaches Have To Say About Red Light Therapy?


Meet Ste Lane

Ste Lane - Health Coach

My Primal journey began roughly a decade ago. Since then, I have been deep down the rabbit-hole of nutrition and health. Every diet you can think of, every fad, every gimmick and every quick-fix has fascinated me. I've read more books and medical journals than I can recall, and conducted more personal experiments in the search of optimal health than most lab rats are subjected to.

My main motivation for diving into this field was the result of seeing people sick. I lost many family members early on in my life to illness, specifically, cancer. They were taken far too young and this left a lingering question that I wanted to find an answer to....why?

Why do some people have this “bad luck” with health? Doctors and common knowledge will tell us that these ailments, your risk of developing a life threatening disease such as cancer, cardiovascular heart disease, Alzheimers etc are largely down to genetic predispositions.

Hearing this, as a person growing up in a family with a long history of disease, was most worrying and subsequently led me down the path of discovery, in an attempt to overcome the odds that were seemingly stacked against me.

Ste Lane - Health Coach 2

However, the more I read and scratched beyond the surface, the more questions I asked, the more apparent it became that there is a much bigger picture to this conundrum we call health. There was a reoccurring theme underlying all of this - what we are putting in our mouths. I was no longer buying many of the misconceptions touted as conventional wisdom that we hear on a daily basis. I was beginning to feel that I could manipulate the odds to be very much in my favor.
This was the catalyst that I needed - I was empowered! I felt like my fate wasn’t sealed and most importantly, I felt fully in control of my own health. The power was in MY hands, all that I had to do was embody everything that I was learning. I had started to amass a lot of applicable knowledge in the nutrition field. I was well on my way to unlocking a life of longevity, effortless weight control and optimal human performance. 
It was then that the idea for Peak Primal Health was born.
-Ste Lane