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Rooted In Ancestry

“Each of us needs what Nature gives us, when Nature gives it.”
- Marcus Aurelius

We knew that the path to optimal health & well-being was paved with the laws of Nature, but that our modern lifestyles were keeping us away from it.

This is why in 2018 Mychondria launched with our eyes set on one goal:

Reconnecting Humans With Their Natural Light Environment

While we still believe that natural sunlight is vital for human health, we also needed to be realistic in that most people (including us) find themselves indoors more than we'd like to be.

The MyLight range was created to give you the healthiest wavelengths of light you would find in Nature, allowing you to tap into your natural capacity to thrive.

Where It All Began

Profile picture Nick Coetzee

Nick Coetzee
Founder & CEO

After completing my BSc Honours in Biokinetics I went straight to working with clients, specifically aiming to help them with exercise and diet plans.

It quickly became apparent to me that there was more to health and performance than what traditional studies were teaching us, and the area with the most room for improvement was our light environment.

Simply getting my clients to get more natural light exposure, especially in the early hours of the day, was yielding incredible results. My clients were feeling more energised, recovering faster from their workouts, and sleeping better at night. There was just one problem though:

Most of my clients had busy schedules, which limited the amount of time they spent outdoors, soaking up the benefits of natural light.

This is what sparked me to create Mychondria, a light therapy company that offered modern humans a chance to reconnect with their primal vitality, without having to quit their modern lifestyles.

While red light therapy had already been a well researched practise, I found a gap in the market since most people selling home devices were offering products that were nothing like the ones used in the scientific studies. These below average products left their customers disappointed, with nothing but a fancy party light to show.

After going through hundreds of scientific articles, I made a list of the most important qualities a red light therapy device needed in order to actually get results. From wavelength, to light intensity, to flicker rate, I left no rock unturned.

Combining these specifications with LED technology we were able to create the MyLight range - a set of red light therapy devices which promised to deliver the results seen in the scientific studies, without the medical device price tag.

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