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MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
MyLight© Max
A full-body powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with, the MyLight© Max is for the true red light enthusiast. Powerful and effective, it delivers a strong dosage of light in a short time span.

It has a detachable power cord and double power switches, for individualised treatment. It emits red and near-infrared light in three distinct wavelengths, each one being optimised for cellular absorption.

Due to their low energy requirement and low heat emission, the LEDs on the MyLight© Max won't burn you, allowing for use in close proximity to the skin. Hang it, stand it up on its feet or lay it on its side, and let the benefits wash over you.


Power: 900 W
Dimensions: 914 x 218 x 66 mm
Weight: 6.7 kg
Wavelength: 630:660:850 (1:1:2)

108.07 mW/cm2 (6 inches)

91.7 mW/cm2 (8 inches)

88.27 mW/cm2 (12 inches)

74.34 mW/cm2 (20 inches)

39.37 mW/cm2 (40 inches)

30.51 mW/cm2 (60 inches)

Beam angle: 30 degrees
EMF: Zero at treatment distance
Daisy chain technology: Connect multiple devices
Flicker: Zero
Warranty: 3 years


Each MyLight© Max comes with both an input and an output port, allowing you to link your devices using only one power source. Connect multiple devices with our daisy chain cord and enjoy the benefits that surround you. This device can be connected to another MyLight© Max, or to the smaller MyLight© Midi. The combination is up to you.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee 

We're so confident that you'll love your red light therapy device that we're offering a 30-day money back guarantee on all our devices.

Oh! And did we mention that all our devices come with FREE international shipping (4-7 business days)!?
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