Targeted vs Full Body Light Exposure

Targeted vs Full Body Light Exposure

Red light therapy, or photobiomodulation, is the latest non-invasive approach to treat various body conditions such as joint pain, injuries, eczema, etc.

This balanced and holistic therapy has gained popularity recently for its benefits in various areas, from skincare to pain management.

This blog will analyse the difference between targeted (area-specific) and full-body red light exposure.

Full-Body Red Light Therapy 

During this treatment, you expose larger areas of your body to your red light therapy device. This means that more areas of your body will benefit from the treatment at the same time.

Full-body exposure is excellent for systemic improvements such as improved sleepcirculation, and reduced inflammation.

The benefits are also vast with full-body exposure, promoting cellular changes that combat oxidative stress, inflammation, and various other bodily issues. 

This type of treatment is excellent for people who are short on time and for multitasking, i.e., meditating or working out during exposure.

Devices we recommend: MyLight MAX or MyLight PRO

Recommended treatment time: 8-12 minutes at a distance of 6-12 inches from your skin.

Targetted Red Light Therapy

Targeted red light therapy zooms in on specific areas of your body that need extra care – such as fine wrinkles on the forehead, a wound or tight calf muscles.

This type of treatment is great for active people who have more time to focus on specific issues in their body.

Targeted red light therapy devices have been specifically designed to target particular areas of concern so they can provide a more accurate dosage of red light to the skin.

Devices we recommend: MyLight MOVE or MyLight MIDI

Recommended treatment times: 6-10 minutes at a distance of 4-8 inches from the skin.

Factors to consider when deciding what is right for you: 

• Treatment SizeIs your goal generally improving your bodily function and quality of life? Or do you have specific bodily aches and pains that you're trying to target?

• BudgetTargeted devices can be a great place to start if you want to stay within a specific budget. Smaller devices are more affordable and can be a great introduction to red light therapy if you're new to this incredible treatment method. 

What do we recommend? 

Every person's red light therapy needs are different, so we have made it easy for you to figure out which device will suit you best.

To find out which device is best for you, simply take the Red Light Therapy Quiz here.