3 Reasons Why Red Light Therapy Will Boost Your Gains

3 Reasons Why Red Light Therapy Will Boost Your Gains

3 reasons why red light therapy will boost your gains

It’s no secret that gaining muscle is not just about exercising really hard in the gym. Proper nutrition, quality sleep, and a recovery program are just as important as the amount of reps you’re lifting.

One of the latest trends for those looking to gain more muscle is the use of red light therapy. In fact, new research is showing that it could lead to 4X more muscle growth! (1).

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In today’s blog post you’re going to learn 3 reasons why red light therapy could be the key to unlocking your dream physique, but first,

How could light have any effect on your muscle growth?

In case your haven’t heard, red light therapy is able to increase the energy (known as ATP) within the mitochondria of your cells.


Red light therapy is able to create this effect in almost every cell in your body, including hair cells, skin cells, nerve cells, and yes, muscle cells!

Now when your muscles have more energy, they perform better both inside, and outside the gym.

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Now that you understand how red light therapy affects your muscle cells, let's look at 3 reasons why it can improve your muscle gains.

1- Increased Energy & Testosterone

In men, testosterone plays a vital role in regulating energy levels, sex drive, muscle mass, strength, and bone density.

Since testosterone is produced in the testes (an area traditionally starved of light exposure), it makes sense that shining a red light in the appropriate places could boost your testosterone.

In fact, animal studies have shown that aiming a red light therapy device at the testes can significantly increase testosterone levels (2).

2- Shorter Recovery Time

When your muscle recover faster from a workout, it means you can train again sooner, and also push yourself more in your next session.

More frequent sessions, combined with the ability to handle a higher training load, means bigger muscle gains.

One study found that those who did a single red light therapy session after a hard workout experienced 80% less muscle damage than those who did not use red light therapy (3).


3- Faster Healing of Injuries

Joints, tendons, and even muscles can be prone to injuries in the gym, especially as we age.

Unfortunately these ‘niggles’ can be extremely annoying, where you either have to work around them or decrease your training load while they heal.

If you can speed up this recovery, it means you can get back to your normal training quicker, and get the results you’re after.

A study that covered 395 injuries found that the average time it takes for an athlete to return to sport following an injury is 19 days. However, when they used red light therapy in their recovery protocol, this was reduced to just 10 days! (4).

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How To Gain More Muscle With Red Light Therapy

If you want to tap into these benefits, then you need to use a device that can match the results in the scientific literature.

With the Mychondria devices, you’re able to calculate exactly how long your sessions should be, based on the specific benefit that you’re trying to achieve.

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What's more, we’re so confident that you’ll be blown away with the results you get, that every one of our devices comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose:

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