Boosting Testosterone With Red Light Therapy

Boosting Testosterone With Red Light Therapy

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Testosterone is an extremely important sex hormone that regulates muscle mass, fat distribution, fertility, and red blood cell production.

And although testosterone is primarily known for the development of male characteristics, it is also produced in smaller quantities in females and contributes to their sex drive, bone density, and muscle strength.

Unfortunately, testosterone levels have declined dramatically over the years. In men, this has been as much as 30%! (1).

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While the traditional approach to boost testosterone has been hormone therapy, this, unfortunately, comes with its own set of risks and side effects.

Thankfully, red light therapy is starting to show promising results as an effective, and safe, method of boosting testosterone.

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The link between light and testosterone

We already know that red and infrared light has the ability to increase energy production within our cells, leading to better functioning.

When you consider that nearly all of a male's testosterone is produced within his testes and that this is an area that is almost always covered by clothing, it makes sense that a healthy dose of light energy would increase the amount of testosterone a male produces…

But is this founded on any evidence?


The Research

Although more research on testosterone and red light therapy is still underway, we already have some evidence to show its effectiveness.

In animal studies, red light therapy has been shown to improve the function of the Leydig cells, which are situated in the testes and responsible for producing testosterone (2). This improved function led to significantly higher testosterone levels, specifically from the red frequencies of light.

A study out of the University of Vienna found similar results in humans (3). They found that men exposed to bright light for just 30 minutes a day reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction and significantly higher levels of testosterone (an average increase from 2.1 ng/ml to 3.6 ng/ml after just two weeks).

Health Professionals

There are also individual reports from health professionals around the world who have seen the same results.

In a Men's Health article titled, "I Put A Giant Red Light On My Balls To Triple My Testosterone", Ben Greenfield describes how red light therapy was able to drastically increase his sexual drive, as well as testosterone levels.

As you'll see below, we've even had our own customers report increased testosterone based on their increased muscle recovery, mass, and sexual desire, when using their MyLight device.

How To Use Red Light Therapy To Boost Testosterone

When you have your own red light therapy device, you can easily perform your sessions in the comfort of your own home.

1 -What time of day?
Something to note, is that testosterone follows a daily rhythm, where it increases in the early hours of the morning, peaking around 8am. For this reason we recommend doing your red light therapy sessions in the morning for best results.

2- How long should your session be?
Using a high-powered device, such as those from the MyLight Collection, a session as short as 5 minutes is enough to deliver effective results.

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