Do Home Devices Work?

Do Home Devices Work?

While it's great to look into the research and see the benefits which are proven there, there's obviously a difference between the types of devices the researchers are using vs. the ones being sold for at home usage.

In today's post we'll be unpacking 3 protocols from the research and figuring out how you could get the same light dosage with a home-device.

Protocol 1 - Sleep Quality

In a previous video we covered a study on red light therapy and sleep quality. In this study the researchers had the participants doing daily sessions, for 14-days.

By the end of the study the researchers found that red light therapy led to:

  • 28% increase in sleep quality
  • 83% faster time to fall asleep
  • 75% increase in melatonin

You could achieve the same light dosage as this study with a MyLight MIDI in just 5-7 minutes.

Protocol 2 - Muscle Recovery

What's incredible about the study we're about to share with you is that the protocol involved only a single red light therapy session following a hard workout.

The researchers in this study found that those who used red light therapy after their workout experienced 80% less muscle damage on the 4th day after training. You can find a video covering this study here.

In this study the researchers used a light dosage which you could achieve in just 5-minutes with a MyLight MIDI or a MyLight MAX.

Protocol 3 - Hair Loss

*Spoiler alert: 39% increased hair growth!

Yes, that's what users experienced after using red light therapy on their scalp for 16-weeks.

In this study the researchers only had participants doing sessions every second day, but they used quite a high dosage (67 joules/cm2), which you would need a high powered device to achieve.

A MyLight MOVE could achieve this within 10-12 minutes.

Do People Get Results with MyLights?

Study results are one thing, but it's also important that you see results from the exact device you'll be using.

Click the here to see some of the results that people just like you have gotten using the MyLight devices.