Exclusion Zone Water (The 4th Phase)

Exclusion Zone Water (The 4th Phase)

Exclusion zone water

Water is a phenomenon that many ancient cultures bow down to and draw meaning from, and for good reason:

It is the substance that brings us health, prosperity, and life itself.

Water makes up the larger portion of our planet, and even more so our bodies (constituting up to 60% of the human body).

Until recently, we thought we had the understanding of water under our belt. Our human ego thought we had nothing yet to find...

However, there was more!

We already knew that water existed as a solid, liquid and vapor phase, however, we have recently discovered that it also exists in a 4th phase, known as Exclusion Zone (EZ) water.

What is EZ water?

EZ water occurs when water molecules separate themselves into two areas, based on their charge: the exclusion zone (with a negative charge) and the rest of the water (with a positive charge).

Hydrophilic surface

This can be formed against any hydrophilic (water loving) surface.

Why is this useful?

You may remember from your high-school physics class that the way a battery works, is by storing energy in the form of different charges.

Battery with a charge

Whenever you have a strong EZ forming, you will find a strong difference in charges, which can be used in the same way a battery can be used.

And just like your cellphone battery needs to be plugged into its charger to build up its charge again, something needs to build up this EZ within water.

That thing is...


Plants with sunlight on them

We've already seen this in plants, which absorb light and turn it into chemical energy (known as photosynthesis).

But what about in humans?

Exclusion water in human cells

It turns out that light causes the EZ to grow in the water within in our cells. This allows molecules to transfer more energy between themselves, and causes them to become more 'gel like' as they store more energy.

This is the battery within your body!

Having stronger EZ water within your body leads to:

  • Increased electrons being delivered to your mitochondria, which helps them to generate even more energy.
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved protein folding

The last point, protein unfolding, means that enzymes within your body function better. This leads to a wide range of benefits, including faster muscle recovery, improved brain function, and slower cellular ageing.

Essentially, better protein unfolding means that your body functions more efficiently.

Man doing a pushup

How to build up your EZ

We've already mentioned that the EZ will grow when exposed to light. This includes ultra-violet (UV) light and the visible spectrum of light - but the most important type of light for building up your EZ is infrared light.

This is why sunlight exposure is such a great way to build up your EZ.


Boy standing in the sun

Really, it can be as simple as that. The more skin exposed to infrared light, the more EZ you create, and the more energy your mitochondria create, driving your body to function better!

Another way of course, is through red light therapy.

Red light therapy

Red light therapy is a concentrated form of red and near-infrared light, so if you can’t get into the sun, your red light therapy device can generate this magic water within your cells for you.

Some final words

Water and light create the cycle of life. It's no wonder why cultures praise the sun and water; they are the primal cogs to a functional and optimal life.

So get out there into the sun, or in front of your red light therapy device, for a cellular energy boost!

Written by: Gemma Trehearn