Maximizing Results with Red Light Therapy

Maximizing Results with Red Light Therapy

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If you already have a red light device, or are seriously considering making the best decision of your life to purchase one – this is the blog for you. We wanted to give you all the tools and tricks to ensure that you’re getting the best results possible, as well as to achieve all the benefits that red light therapy has to offer. Let’s look at 5 different tips that will maximize your results using your red light device.


Stick to the guidelines that come with your device.

The reason why we say this is because of something called the dose dependent response to red light therapy. What this basically means is that if you are not getting enough red and near infrared light, you won’t be giving your mitochondria the energy that they need to provide the incredible benefits of red light therapy. An increase in dosage, will result in an increase in benefits, up to a certain point, which can be seen in the graph below.

red light dose dependent response

The tipping point of having a dosage that is too high, results in decrease benefits because the cells become overloaded with light energy. So the guidelines provided your device manual are there to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.


Be consistent.

We have established that there is no correct or ‘better’ time of the day for exposure. What is important is consistency. So if this means that early morning before breakfast and the work day begins works best for you, and that will lead to the most consistent usage – then that is the best time to use your device. That can also be lunch time, early evening or just before going to sleep at night. We’ve continuously noticed with our customers that the best results come from those that consistently use their devices.


Stop taking cold showers.

Yes, you read that right. This is particularly important around the time of day that you’re using your red light device. Red light therapy is predominantly a treatment for people that are interested in their mitochondrial health. And we know that exposing our bodies to cold has extremely beneficial side effects in many aspects, particularly for growing the number of mitochondria that we have in our bodies. In contrast, red light therapy is about creating more energy in the already existing mitochondria. The issue with combining these two treatments at the same time is that we don’t experience as much upregulation in our mitochondria. Cooled down mitochondria have been shown to be less metabolically active. So essentially we are contradicting the benefits of each treatment with each other.

We recommend that you separate these two treatments within your day to ensure that you get the best possible results from each of them.


No products on skin before treatment

Having products on your skin could be responsible for interfering with the way that light reacts with your tissues. This means that sunscreen, oils and make up could decrease the amount of light that reaches your mitochondria. Ensure that you remove make up, oils and creams before exposure on clean, dry skin. 


Ensure that your red light device isn’t causing any harm

Here are two key points to this tip:

  1. FLICKER – LED lights can flicker at extremely fast paces that is not perceived by the human eye. But even if we can’t see it, it can cause eye strain headaches and an elevated risk of seizure. So ensuring that your device does not have any flicker is extremely important.
  2. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) – its important that your red light device does not expose you to any unnecessary radiation caused by the electromagnetic fields produced by your device. The company from which you purchased your red light device from should tell you the safe distances from your device where no EMFs are produced.

Luckily – we know that Mychondria devices are flicker free, as well as safe and completely EMF-free from a distance of 6 inches and beyond. The quality of our devices means that even if you are over 6 inches away from your device, the dosage received by your mitochondria won’t ever be impacted.

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Written by: Caroline Bursey