What Is The Best Time Of Day To Do Red Light Therapy?

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Do Red Light Therapy?


Red light therapy has become the most prominent form of light therapy, and for good reason.

Red light therapy has now been published in thousands of studies, proving its incredible efficiency for getting results in health and performance.

Still, there are some questions about how to get the most benefits from this life-changing therapy.

The most common one that we get here at Mychondria is,

"What is the best time of the day to do red light therapy?"

In this blog post we are going to be covering the impact that red light therapy has on your body clock, also known as your circadian rhythm, in order to understand how to time your red light therapy sessions for maximum results.

Why Would Timing Matter?

Your circadian rhythm is the 24-hour cycle that your physical, mental, and behavioural changes follow. When your circadian rhythm is out of alignment, you are prone to mental disorders, obesity, exhaustion, and many other physical illnesses.

Circadian rhythm

Since your circadian rhythm responds primarily to light and dark stimulus through your eyes, it means that any form of light therapy has the possibility to mess with your circadian rhythm.

When you dig a little deeper however, you find that not any light will set your circadian rhythm.

The color of the light is important!

Shorter wavelengths of light, such as blue light, will have a much greater impact on your circadian rhythm than the longer wavelengths of light, such as the red and infrared light found in red light therapy devices.

So you can do red light therapy at any time of day?

Not entirely...

While red light therapy uses light colors that have very little effect on your circadian rhythm, one thing we must consider is that the light emitted from high quality red light therapy devices is extremely powerful.

Some people may find a bright light, of any colour, to be quite mentally stimulating. For this reason, if you are wanting to do a red light therapy session just before bed, it would be wise to not aim the device at your head/face. 

Man sleeping

Another thing to consider with the timing of your red light therapy sessions is the specific benefit that you are after.

Certain benefits, such as muscle recovery, have better results when they are timed correctly i.e. after a workout.

Other benefits, such as sleep quality, have been found to yield the best results when performed in the evening (although, not aimed at your face).

If you want to learn more about any specific benefit with red light therapy, be sure to checkout our YouTube Channel.

Timing For Best Results

Even though we have just discussed why timing might matter for your red light therapy sessions, there is something that is far more important for getting results...


Before you start planning your red light therapy sessions at inconvenient times in your schedule, remember that using your red light therapy device everyday, rather than at specific times, is far more important for getting the results you want.

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Written by Gemma Trehearn

Girl in front of red light therapy device