Orb - Sleep Bulb

"I can already feel a difference in my sleep after using these!"
- Stuart, AU

The Ultimate Evening Bulb To Optimize Your Sleep Quality.

✔️ Zero blue light
✔️ Zero flicker
✔️ Low EMFs

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Orb - Sleep Bulb


Input voltage: 110~240V/50/60HZ
LED Power: 7w LED
Color: Red (peak 660nm)
Flicker: Zero

*The Orb is NOT designed to be used in dimmable light fittings.

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Blue Light In Traditional LEDs

The Problem With Modern Bulbs

During human evolution, it was only natural to be exposed to blue light from sunlight during the day. At night, our main sources of light would have been fire, which is predominantly red light.

For this reason, your brain interprets any blue light entering your eyes as a trigger to keep your mind and body awake.

Standard light bulbs contain very high concentrations of blue light, which tricks your brain into thinking that it is still day time.

What Happens To Your Body...

When you are exposed to blue light after sunset, it wreaks havoc with your sleep/wake hormones.

Your body responds to blue light by increasing your stress hormone (cortisol) and decreasing your sleep hormone (melatonin).

This leaves you feeling wide awake when you should actually be unwinding for bed.

So You Should Stop Using All Light Bulbs?

While the solution used to be throwing away all the light bulbs in your home, and only using candles... Mychondria had a better idea!

We created The Orb - a LED bulb which contains ZERO blue light, ZERO flicker, and is low EMF.

This provides you with the perfect light environment after sunset in order to optimise your sleep quality!


We recommend at least 1-2 hours before you plan on going to bed. If you want to go all out, you can start using your Orbs from the moment the sun sets.

Definitely not! The Orb is the perfect combination of the right wavelength of light, with a dim setting. If you want to light a larger room, then multiple Orbs are recommended.

The way that the Orbs work is by giving you a light source without any of the sleep disruptive types of light.

It is recommended that you also limit blue light from your devices using apps/software tools (IRIS and Flux as examples)